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We are a dynamic, agile, 21st ­century digital enterprise , Interior Design consultants specializing in space planning and home renovation.

Our mission aims to continue revolutionizing the delivery of  superior livability and aesthetic endurance in designs globally.

We have project experience in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand & India. This diversity helps us produce exceptional, customized design solutions for all our clients.

We collaborate technical skills and design flair with your personality and preferences, to establish a functional and visual space that reflects who you are and stands the test of trends.

Preeti Darbari (Founder)


From multi-million high end condominium design and renovation to commercial office spaces in skyscrapers. Preeti has worked with diverse cultures and communities in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and India.15+ years of experience in interior design and project management. She is an Indian Architect with MBA degree. Her design qualifications coupled with business administration degree forms a rare combination resulting in skills & experience that allowed Preeti to gain a unique perspective and ability to balance creativity within any budget (a useful skill that almost every client asks her to do!)
Preeti’s central belief is that spaces deeply affect us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically. At the end of the day – good design, as well as being a wonderful source of individual style & expression, can simply make you happy.
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