Alongside the design process, we offer a full management & build service for their designs. Working closely with a team of preferred contractors and skilled craftsmen enables us to keep tight control on both budgetary and programme requirements.
As well as offering a turnkey solution, we are able to break down our services from procurement to project management. This enables the client to pick and choose which services are required to take their project from an idea into an even better reality.

Our Services range from Architecture, Spatial Planning, Ideas & Advice, Project Management, Joinery, bathrooms, Kitchen, Full Build & Landscaping


We work closely with clients to combine our expertise with their ideas and budgets. Our team know that practicality is paramount to their clients, from incorporating storage solutions during the initial design phase to providing any follow-up design maintenance once the project is complete. From a full interior to a single product, creating a statement with Space Raga is an investment for the future.

Our Services range from Consultancy, Ideas & Advice, Curtains, Cushions, Blinds & Shutters, Carpets, Flooring, Upholstery, Supply of Furniture & Sourcing of Antiques.

 Below are our projects for you to explore :

The Living Area

Combination of Inside and Outside : Madhavi Granepudi


Deck the Halls with Lord Budha 


Beds and Bedroom

Sleeping parameters


Kidz Area

God cannot be everywhere so he created Mothers

Tranzition Zones of your home : Your daugter’s bedroom.


Garden and Greens

Plants your friends at home !

Back Camera

Lights and Glitterati

Space Raga newsletter _ Choosing the right home lighting


Rugs and Carpets



Essential Oils & Christmas Spirit !!!!!!!


Wall Art

How To Hang And Display Art Work

Thanka Art

Back Camera

Fab Furniture


Fengshui and Vastu

Fengshui for business success








































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